[REBOL 3 on Syllable Desktop] This is the home of some projects for the REBOL family of programming languages. Most of these projects will be for the new version 3 of REBOL and the new Red programming language.

Currently, three REBOL 3 extensions are available here, written in the C programming language:

    - Example extension in the traditional Hello World form
    - Binding with the cURL networking library
    - Binding with the ZeroMessageQueue (0MQ) messaging library

The 0MQ binding is also available here in versions for REBOL 2 and Red/System.

programming language]

How to Install REBOL 3

REBOL 3 is available for several computer platforms. See here for instructions on downloading and installing it.
version control system]

How to Use Fossil

Fossil is a modern, distributed version control system, that we use to manage the source code of most of the projects on this site. See here for instructions on installing and using it to access our projects and keep them up-to-date.


Discussion about these projects happens in the REBOL community, in the AltME communication system.

If you prefer a web forum, you can use this REBOL Forum.

You can report issues with one of the projects by entering a ticket in the accompanying Fossil repository. You don't need to install Fossil for this, but you do have to register a user account on our site. This is done in the web interface of the Fossil repository. Links are given on the pages of each project.

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